All Transportation Related Items Welcomed!


    (Inside) SOUTH BUILDING SPACES are 9x10~ $30.00 each. Spaces rows E, F, G, and L, M, N, and "O" have double door access, and all other spaces have garage door access on the north side. Very nice clean well lit here SOUTH BUILDING MAP
    (Inside) NORTH BUILDING SPACES are 9x10~ $30.00 each. Spaces rows "C" through "N" numbers 20-35. There are 7 Large garage size doors for access into the here NORTH BUILDING MAP
    (Outside) OUTSIDE NORTH BUILDING SPACES (East and West of North building) are 9x20 $30.00 each. These spaces are all are on asphalt. Special outside spaces around the North Building have some Vender Useful additional features. Spaces in rows B and "O" numbered 20 and up have a small low fence directly behind the space that Venders can use to chain trailer/items to or to bungee down a sunshade or canopy. These spaces also have a 5.5ft by 9.5ft (about 10 square feet) space between the building and the space that can be used by the Vender for chairs, coolers, ect! click here OUTSIDE NORTH BUILDING MAP
    CARS FOR SALE SPACES (between North and South buildings) are $30.00 each and are for individual cars, trucks, and boats for sale. Restored or unrestored vehicles of any kind welcome!
    ADDITIONAL OUTDOOR SPACES (North of the North Building) are $30.00 each. There is no limit to side by side and/or pull through spaces available, so if you are mailing in payment, please indicate what you need. The first 100+ of these spaces are on asphalt, with additional spaces on grass.
    OVERSIZE VENDER SPACES (on asphalt) are 50 feet by 20 feet. Spaces available are East and West of North Building. $150.00 each.

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