Q: How do I sell my old car/hotrod/boat/motorcycle/hanglider parts?

Q: How do I reserve spaces?

It’s easy to be a Vender. Call 405-651-7927 with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card. Or print out and mail in the information on the bottom of the swap meet flyer. Vendor set up begins Thursday morning 7:30 AM. You have your choice of inside spaces on concrete, and outside spaces on asphalt. Its first come first serve, so get your payment in the mail today! THE INSIDE SPACES FOR THE 2010 SWAP MEET WERE SOLD OUT PRIOR TO THE EVENT DATE! Additional outdoor spaces are North of the North building on asphalt, with overflow on grass. We have a space for YOU! (you can look at the "fairgrounds map" link (on the home page) that has the layouts of the spaces in and around the buildings.) You can use a piece of paper and include the following. Your Name, Phone Number with area code, Street Address, City, State, and zip code. Be sure to include payment, check or Money order, and indicate number of spaces required (indoor or outdoor). Please dont forget to include your phone number and E-mail address for a confirmation e-mail.

Mail to Norman Swap Meet

P.O. Box 996

Norman OK 73070.


Vendor set up begins Thursday morning 7:30 AM. Bring tables and signs if you would like, to display your automotive or transportation related items for sale. Rental tables are available for inside Venders at $10 each, and delivered to your space prior to set up date. Let us know when you are reserving your space how many tables you need. Tables can be rented at the meet on Thursday and Friday as well. Confirmation of your spaces with Vender info, and your information packet will be held at the swap meet office, and will be available to pick up Thursday morning, and any day during the event. The North and South Building(s) lock down each evening at 6:00 PM, Thursday and Friday nights of the event. The doors re-open at 7:30 AM Friday and Saturday morning. All Venders are to park their personal or tow vehicles in the spectator gravel parking lot on the west side of the fairgrounds. RV hook-ups outside of the Swap Meet area are available through the Fairgrounds office Call 405-360-4721. During the days of the swap meet, (No vehicle traffic permitted between 10AM and 4PM for pedestrian safety) except for setup. Please no firearms, Knives or weapons of any kind at the Swap Meet. You are responsible for the safety and security of your items Please note, Norman Swap Meet will hire a police office to remain on the premises on Thursday and Friday evenings of the Swap Meet.

Q: I have never been to an automotive Swap Meet. What is it like?
My favorite way to describe it is its like an "AFFAIR OF THE HEART FOR MEN!" Remember that 50 Chevy and all the memories...........Remember that 60 Chevy and all the memories........How about that "409, my 409, shes so fine my 409", or "Just a little deuce coupe with a flat head mill. But she'll walk a thunderbird like its standin still"

The Norman Swap Meet will have that special car project that you have been looking for, the old boat or bike that you used to race, mechanical stuff (working) and mechanical stuff (not working). Its like a HUGE GUYS GARAGE SALE, and we all know that there are WAY TO FEW OF THESE!

Q: I have boxes of old model airplanes and engines. Can I sell these at the swap meet?
SURE! They too can be considered "transportation related" as my cousin proved early in life by sending my little sisters gerbil up in his Carl Goldberg 56 Falcon!

Q: I have an old old lawn mower from the 40's or 50's that is styled like a full size tractor. Should I bring it to the swap meet?
MY YES! That is very unique, and there is alot of interest in preserving and restoring antique lawn tractors!

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